Parents Speak Out

Praise for Gravitas for Girls

“I certainly appreciate the opportunity given my daughter to be able to take this course with you. She has gained awareness and skills that are lifelong and valuable to her everyday.”

-MaryLee M.

“My daughter was chosen to be a reader at a Mass held at her school. Both my husband and my aunt were so impressed with her reading before the entire school. Well, once she finished reading, he leaned over to my aunt and said ‘I guess those Saturday classes with Diane really paid off.’ Quite a victory for me!!! And even more of a victory for my daughter. They said she read beautifully, she was articulate and took her time reading. So, I just wanted to thank you for your input. I know she was nervous but before the speech classes I think she would have bailed out in reading but because of them she stepped up to the plate.”

Another girl in the class named Eileen, was told by her father that she would give the acceptance speech on behalf of her grandfather’s award at a legal society. She spoke before 800 lawyers and got a standing ovation!

Two years later, Eileen’s sister, Kate, was in the seventh grade and her mother asked me to give the class again. In the second class, we coached two of the students for the Borough-wide speech contest and one of them was the winner. When Kate graduated from high school her mother sent me an email:

Last Friday night, I am proud to say that my middle daughter, Kate, graduated as the Valedictorian of her High School. Kate delivered a spectacular speech to an audience of over 700.

After the ceremony, I was approached by so many people (some I have never even met), asking where Kate learned the art of Public Speaking.

They simply could not believe how professional she was.

While she did spend all four years of high school involved in Forensics, I know that her foundation in public speaking can be attributed to you.

It is because you taught her the skills, and gave her the confidence, that she was able to go on and do GREAT things. 

(She made it to the National Forensics Competition in Washington 2 weeks ago!)

I am forever grateful for all that you accomplished with Kate, as well as with her sister Eileen.

When Kate’s youngest sister was in the 8th grade, her mother asked me to hold another class. So in 2011-2012, we had the third Confidence Class for teens. This group had the highest level of skill. I’m told that Kate taught the girls everything she had learned about confident public speaking. It seems that girls are taking their confidence and paying it forward.